• You are playing Club Reno for fun

    Club Reno is a super retro online slot and can be played for either play money, or real cash at Loyal Casino. As you can probably gather from the name this online slot would suit sitting in one of the big casinos in Reno, Nevada, looking exactly like a fruit machine. This is a great simple casino slot from the ever growing and popular, Leander; they have developed a basic slot with classic graphics whilst giving players what they want – more. Did we mention that there are two Jackpots up for grabs, with a top prize of €20k? Well there is!
    There’s not much to get used to when spinning the reels of Club Reno; 3 reels and 1 win-line make it difficult to be misunderstood. There are very few options to change in this slot; in fact all you can change is music on/off and your bet amount; which can vary between €0.20 and €20 so that gives you a nice range of amount to bet. Spinning the reels is straight forward and the symbols are family favourites of lemons, oranges, bars etc.
    In saying all of that, there are little extras on this casino game that will keep you reaching for the start button. There is a hold function, much like a pub fruit machine, a top game, a gamble feature and two Jackpots! The hold feature explains itself and the gamble feature is a straight forward head or tails after every win. As well as being able to double your winnings with this, you can opt to move up to the top game. The top game will spend your winnings, and your balance can’t be used up there. The reason to move up there are two Jackpots which can only be won in the top section of the slot, so it’s worth your while being up there. For a no fuss, big win online casino slot, play Club Reno at Loyal Casino.