• You are playing Jackpot Cherries for fun

    This super simple casino-style game features the classic casino symbol cherries, as well as the "O" symbol, and a Jackpot symbol. The payout of this game is very simple: you win by landing on cherries or the jackpot symbol. The minimum bet for Jackpot Cherries is .25 credits, and the maximum bet is 200.00 credits. The game is fast and easy to understand. You can use the auto spin feature to play up to 100 games in a row, and you can set your loss and win limits there as well. The Nudge feature lets to move reels to create winning combinations. You may be awarded one nudge, two nudges, or three nudges at a time. The amount will light up on the left side of the slot machine when you are in gameplay mode.
    Start this classic game by clicking on the arrows near the bet section of the slot machine, then click the start button. There is only one win line in this game, and it is marked on the slot machine. The spacebar on the keyboard of your computer won't work to spin or stop the reels, so unless you use the autospin function, you'll need to click the start button manually. There is no way to stop the reels once they have started either; the game will do that automatically. The bet and your balance appear in the top right corner of the slot machine. If you land on a combination of "O" symbols, you can activate the nudge plays for a chance to win. It's like getting a second spin.
    ● Simple and classic game
    ● Two ways to win with jackpots and cherries
    ● Land on cherries and win 5x your bet
    ● Land on jackpot and win 25x your bet