• You are playing Cops And Robbers Scratch for fun

    The classic battle between cops and robbers is brought to life in this 3 x 3 scratch card game. With chances to win up to 2,500 credits per game, adjustable bets and easy-to-follow instructions, this game is sure to become a fan favorite. With each level of betting you increase, the multipliers increase as well. You can scratch the card yourself or use the control panel to help you reveal your winnings. This is a matching game, so to win in any single round, you need to match at least 3 symbols. You can earn multiple times on one game card, so keep an eye out for those!
    Start this scratch game by selecting a bet amount. You can do this by clicking the plus or minus symbol on either side of the bet section in the control center at the bottom of the board. Click "buy ticket" when you are ready to play. To manually "scratch" the card, you can click on the section of the card you wish to reveal. To automatically reveal the symbols below, click "reveal." You can also use the auto bet feature near the "buy ticket" button to set up to 50 games in a row.
    When you win, the game board will highlight your winnings and reset the scratch card for the next round. You can pause the auto bet function at any time. This game is easy and fun to play, and the comic-book style of the gameboard makes betting entertaining and a little bit nostalgic. As you adjust your bet, the values hidden below the scratch card adjust up to 10,000x the amount you bet!
    ● Scratch style game
    ● Adjustable betting options
    ● Autoplay feature
    ● Match 3 to win
    ● Win up to 10,000x your bet
    ● Win multiple times on each scratch card