• You are playing Diamond for fun

    This interactive game features beautiful diamonds and multiple chances to win on a gameboard shaped like a diamond. When you click on the diamond at the top, your carat weight will be revealed and all you have to do to win is match that with one line below to win the corresponding prize. As with most casino games, the prize amounts change depending on how much you bet. The betting limits on this game are super simple: you can bet wither 1 credit or 2 credits at a time. There isn’t an autoplay feature on this game, but you won’t miss it because the rounds are played quickly so you can continue to try your luck with this exciting online game.
    This game is simple and easy to play and features 6 chances to win across 5 rows of gameplay. There’s an extra row of game play available called the “quick cash” game. Each round will reveal 5 scratch-style panels and every diamond row has a different value which changes depending on how much you bet. Start by choosing the amount you wish to bet and then click play. The symbols will reveal themselves to you and you can even decide to reveal them all at once using the “reveal all” button that appears as the round is started. Players can win by matching the carat weight of the diamond to the diamond card itself. When it comes to winning some “quick cash”, simply click on the symbol at the top right of the gameboard to see if you’ve won.
    ● Easy betting options: 1 credit or 2
    ● Multiple chances to win
    ● Added bonus of “quick cash” round available for more chances to win
    ● Move through rounds quickly to increase your chances of winning