• You are playing Scratch Diamonds for fun

    Openbet Games brings you this scratch style game that offers four chances to win in every game. The gameboard is non-traditional and features four major scratch areas to reveal prizes. The stakes are already set in this game so all you have to do is buy a card to play.
    You can win up to 250,000 credits in a single game, and you can win in all four games at once. There is no auto play in this game, but you can use the reveal button to make the games go faster. Each quadrant on the game card has different rules and different payouts to keep the game exciting and engaging.
    Since the stakes are pre-set for this game, just click the buy card button and then decide if you want to reveal the cards automatically or if you want to "scratch" them off yourself. To scratch the cards, you'll need to click and hold your mouse over the part of the card you want to scratch. The instructions for each quadrant are included in the gamecard. In section 1, you must reveal a "4" to win. In section 2, you must find the sum of an equation that is equal to "4" to win. For section 3, the goal is to find 3 matching symbols to win up to 250,000 credits. In the fourth part, the goal is to match 3 values to win the corresponding prize. The round is not over until all four quadrants have been revealed, either manually or automatically. To qualify as complete, you need to scratch at least 80% of the cards to show the numbers or symbols below.
    ● Win up to 250,000 credits
    ● Win multiple times on all cards
    ● Four chances to win each round
    ● Set-stake betting makes it easy to get started
    ● Fast game play