• You are playing Scratch for Emeralds for fun

    From OpenBet Games comes this money and jewel styled scratch-card game that is sure to keep you on your toes. There is lots to consider in this game of chance and with 4 cards of gameplay active all the time, you need to keep your eyes peeled for chances to win big. Each game card has a different way to win so you will want to take some time to familiarize yourself with the rules for each card. The basics of the scratch game are the same as other games: reveal a prize and win that prize. The betting amounts for this game are static, which means in order to play, you need to pay the amount requested, which is 5 credits. It cannot be adjusted.
    Start by clicking the “buy card” button to the right of the game board. Once you do this, your cards will be read to scratch. You can choose to either scratch them manually, which is done by holding your mouse button and moving your mouse across the four sections of the game card, or you can choose the “reveal all” button that appears after the round has started. You actually have to “scratch” the card if you choose to do it manually, and this will take some time. In the first game card, you need to reveal a “4” to win. In the second game card, you need to find the sum of two math problems and it must equal “4”. In the third game card, you need to match 3 symbols to win the corresponding prize. In the fourth game card, players must match 3 numerical values to win that prize. You can win on all four cards and the amounts are credited to your account when the round is complete.
    ● Fun to “scratch” the cards and see the symbols reveal themselves
    ● Four ways to win
    ● Big prizes available
    ● Set betting amount keeps things simple