• You are playing Caribbean Poker for fun

    Play Caribbean poker at Loyal Casino for a classic casino table game experience. Although not considered a classic by some, Caribbean poker has been played in pretty much all land based casinos for years. Its transaction to the world of online casinos has been hugely successful and Leander have created a beautiful version. If you’ve never heard of it before, or want to refresh your memory, you can play for free before you part with your cash.
    When you open up the game you’ll be greeted with a green felt looking table, and you will have already taken your seat. Of course, unlike real casinos, you don’t have to wait around and can start playing instantly. This is a version of poker where you will be dealt 5 cards, and the aim of Caribbean poker is to beat the dealer by holding a higher ranking hand than his. What’s great is that the dealer will need to either have a K or an A, or higher to qualify – otherwise you will be crowned the winner before your cards are even shown! Regular poker rules apply with a Royal Flush being the best hand that you can hold.
    With table games, bonuses as such are not very common and you won’t see anything like a free deal, or card boost as you might see in slot games. But what you can do in Caribbean poker is take part in the massive progressive jackpot! To take part in this, you’ll need to place your regular bet (simply pick a chip with your selected stake from the bottom right of the screen and place it in the bet circle), and you’ll also need to take a chip from there and place it in the jackpot circle. This could definitely be worth your while as these jackpots climb with every bet placed by all players playing the same game! So why not take a deal of Caribbean Poker at Loyal Casino?!