• You are playing Lucky Ladies Blackjack for fun

    Lucky Ladies Blackjack was developed by software provider NXY. We all know Blackjack as a classic table game that you can play in the casino, but this variant offers many extras. You can play online. The game combines different rules from the various game versions of the endlessly popular table game.
    The set of rules that are used in Lucky Ladies Blackjack came from both the European and the American tradition of the game. But Lucky Ladies Blackjack stands out in particular for the Lucky Ladies Bonus Bet. You'll gain this bonus if you have the correct card in your hand at the start of the game.

    As most fans know in Blackjack there are quite a few different rules applied in the different game modes, but Lucky Ladies Blackjack has chosen the most interesting one. This game is played with a deck of cards but with several hands. You can bet with up to 3 hands. Each hand is treated individually. You can play any number from 1 to 3. Discover this game at Loyal Casino, always the best online environment for your favorite table game.
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