• You are playing European Roulette for fun

    European roulette is a known variant of the roulette game, also known as French Roulette. Just like in the casinos, the game is played with a rotating cylinder, onto which the ball is dropped in the opposite direction. Depending on where the ball lands and where you have bet on, you win a certain amount. The game was designed by Play'n Go.
    What you get back depends on where you've bet on. Therefore you can bet on individual numbers, on all even or odd numbers, on the first 12 numbers and even more variations. The more numbers you bet on, the lower your profit. You can always check the exact profits you could win in the help menu. In addition, you can always use the rule that your profit is equal to 36 divided by the number of grids you are betting on. Here you draw from 1 and then multiply it by your bet and this way you get your possible profit. By pressing spin the wheel will spin for you and you will see your profits.
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