• You are playing Roulette Klassiek for fun

    Roulette is one of the most desirable tables to be sitting at when you’re in a casino and in an online casino – this is no different. At Loyal Casino you can play on several different types of roulette but if you’re the type of person who likes things a certain way – the classic is always the way to go. Leander has produced an excellent version of classic roulette and everything down to the sounds of the wheel spinning and the clunking of the ball has been thought of. Of course, roulette is one of the most popular because you can play any number of bets you wish (within the table limits), and the returns can be enormous!
    We all know that roulette is a luck game, but some players think they know how to make the luck fall in their favour with various strategies. In this version of Roulette Classic everything is simple so there’s no need to complicate it that way. Pick your stake amount from the bottom right of the screen, your stake is displayed as a colourful casino chip and can easily be dragged over to the bet you wish to place. You can choose to be on inside or outside bets, with red or black, odds and even and other betting types available. Once you have the chip, or as many chips as you want placed, hit the spin button. Now you will be moved across the screen, away from the table to the wheel – it looks pretty cool in action – and hope for a winner!
    Roulette doesn’t need any fancy bonus features because there is already so much going on in the game itself! What’s great about playing roulette online is that you can take your time to place your bets and are in complete control of when the wheel is going to spin. So if you need a few extra seconds or minutes to decide how much to put where, or if you change your mind about your bet, you can easily remove this from the table and choose to spin without it, or make a different bet. The pay-outs are instant and clear and the graphics of this version are a cut above others. Play Roulette Classic at Loyal Casino and find out that simple is sometimes best.