• You are playing Suit'em up Blackjack for fun

    The card game Suitem Up Blackjack is special because besides the regular blackjack you have the possibility to be dealt a matching pair of cards via a side-bet. This means that if you get two cards that have the same value, this side-bet will pay you back many times over. When playing Suitem Up Blackjack by developer Felt at Loyal Casino you can also choose to play a "normal" blackjack game, because you don't necessarily need to use the extra option. However, it does give you the opportunity to win extra so it's definitely worth a try.
    You decide the bet by simply clicking on what chip you want to bet on. Drag this chip to the standard box or the Suitem Up Blackjack box to bet. You can play with up to three hands and thus betting a total of six times as you want. The minimum bet is € 0.50 and the maximum is € 500. If you have a pair of aces you win a whopping 50 times your side bet, so you can win a lot of money with this game at Loyal Casino.
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