Enjoy Video Slots at Loyal Casino

    Video slots have been around since 1975, when a man named Walt Fraley created the very first video slot called Dubbed Fortune Coin. Despite that rather early invention, video slots did not actually catch on until the 1980s. Ever since then, the technology has improved exponentially to the point where we now have the best video slots in history available to play. Nowadays, video slots contain animated symbols, high-resolution video content, bonus games and much more. These features, together with their ease of use, have made video slots among the most popular casino games out there.

    Video Slots Online – the Basics

    Although there are plenty of variations in a video slots casino, the games all have some basic commonalities. They are reels, rows and paylines. Most videos slots online have either three or five reels, however that is not set in stone, because the number of reels can vary widely. Rows consist of symbols that are visible when the reels stop spinning. Depending on the slot, a row might or might not represent an extra payline. A difference between a traditional slot and an online casino video slot is that video slots can offer many more paylines than the usual horizontal paylines. In fact, paylines can be in the form of a V, an upside-down V, zigzags or even scatter pays.

    How Video Slots Are Completely Fair

    There are rumors that video slots on certain websites are rigged, but here at Loyal Casino, they are completly unfounded. We are regulated by a European gaming authority and use Random Number Generators in all of our video slots, and they are there to ensure that every single spin is randomized and fair. The RNG chooses a number sequence that corresponds with certain symbol combinations, whereas the video slot itself emulates spinning reels. A video slot pays out when certain symbols stop on certain paylines.

    How to Play a Video Slot

    Video slots are not difficult to play. All you have to do is choose an amount to wager, activate paylines and click to spin the reels. The RNG does the rest of the work. There is no relation between one spin and another, and the odds tend to be pretty much the same from slot to slot. Please take a look at all the amazing slots we have on offer here at Loyal Casino.