• You are playing Chilli Gold for fun

    It's never a good idea to eat too many Mexican chillies, but you'll enjoy seeing lots of them in Chili Gold where they help to create winning lines on the playing surface, as there are lots of prizes to be won with these hot things! Chili Gold is a Mexican themed video slot based in the dry desert where you're on the lookout for the most valuable vegetables.
    Chili Gold has 5 reels and 40 paylines. Yes you heard that right! These paylines spread in all directions across the playing surface. You can count on many additional features while playing Chili Gold. Think of Replacement Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols and of course many Free Spins that ease your way to extra prizes. Play for the Mexican gentleman, the joyful donkey, the guitar and of course the symbol that it's really all about; the red chilli!

    The Mexican gentleman takes you to the jackpot when he occupies all paylines. The Wild symbols in this video slot replace all other symbols on reels 2, 3 and 5. They take the form of - how could it be anything else - beautiful red chillies. Wilds and Scatters are formed by the same symbols. With 6 Wilds or Scatters on the reels you will receive free spins. You can play Chili Gold at the number one online casino. Loyal Casino guarantees to offer you the perfect gaming environment.
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