• You are playing Gemix for fun

    Head to the wonderful world of GEMIX in this video slot that works the same as the very popular Bejeweled game. This slot game is an innovative twist on the classic video slots without there being any loss with regards to odds. In place of the normal spinning reels, GEMIX is played on a playing surface of 7 x 7, where diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones are to be linked to each other for winning combinations.
    Link at least 5 gems together for a winning combination. The more stones in the combination, the higher the profit. The winning stones will disappear and new stones will fall from above to replace them, which can create new winning combinations. Collect at least 20 stones in a round and the meter to the right of the screen will be fully charged, from which a special effect will provide even greater profits. GEMIX has three different worlds, each divided into three separate levels. The next level is activated when the pattern on the card to the right of the screen is complete. After the third level the world bonus will be paid out for even higher prizes!
    - Innovative design in a Bejewelled theme
    - Cascade function, in which winning combinations disappear and are replaced by new stones for consecutive winning combinations.
    - Challenging gameplay for hours of fun
    - World bonuses