• You are playing Power Force Villains for fun

    From Push Gaming, Inc. comes the most entertaining collection of evil villains you've ever seen. Each villain has a unique power to bring down the hero including fire, strength, spy tactics and more. But don't worry, they aren't going to cut you down to size; in fact, they can help you win big in this video slots game. This game has some unique features including a large symbol that will replace 9 smaller symbols and create multiple winning lines. The game has 25 pay lines that are active at all times across a 3 x 5 game board. There are silver and gold jackpot triggers that will award the force or power jackpots. Free spins, super spins, and villain takeover games make this game worth sticking around for!
    Start your adventures in the villain lair by choosing your bet. The minimum bet for this game is .25 credits, and the maximum bet is 100 credits. Click the up arrow in the middle of the control center at the bottom of the gameboard and choose your bet. Click the spin button in the bottom corner of the screen. You can click the stop button to halt the reels immediately to reveal your potential winnings. You can also control the gameplay using the spacebar on the keyboard to start and stop the reels at will. To win, match 3 symbols on a pay line and your winnings will be highlighted in the middle of the gameboard and added to your credit balance. During free spins, the face cards are removed from game play, so you have additional opportunity to win big with the special villain symbols in the game. You can re-trigger free spins and super spins in this game as well.
    ● 25 pay lines
    ● Free spins feature
    ● Super spins feature
    ● Auto-bet feature
    ● Match 3 and win!