• You are playing Six Acrobats for fun

    Inspired by Asian acrobats and backdrops, this video slots game provides plenty of opportunities to take home the gold. The game is set on a 3 x 5 game board and is supported by 9 pay lines that are active at all times. The minimum bet for this game is 0.09 credits, and the maximum bet is 22.50 credits. The game features traditional face cards ranging from 10 to Ace. The wild symbol in this game will pay up to 5x the original bet when it creates a winning line, and if it appears during free spins, it will pay up to 25x the initial bet that initiated the bonus round, to begin with. Scatter symbols will award multipliers as well as free games. You can win up to 25 free spins when 5 scatter symbols appear anywhere on the board.
    To start playing Six Acrobats, just click on the plus or minus signs near the bottom left corner of the control center. This will adjust your bet. When you are ready, click the spin button on the far right side of the gameboard. You can click the stop button after the reels have been activated to control the gameplay. There is no turbo feature available in this game, so the spacebar on the keyboard won't work to control the reels; however, you can use the autoplay feature to play up to 100 games in a row without interruption unless you win a bonus round or free spins. To win regular games, you need to match 3 symbols on a pay line. Winnings are indicated by highlighting the winning lines, and the prizes are deposited into your credit account.
    ● Win up to 25x the original bet
    ● Win up to 25 free spins
    ● Use autoplay to play up to 100 games in a row
    ● Bonus rounds, wildcards, and more