• You are playing Swap The Flop for fun

    Swap the Flop is an exciting game where you play against the dealer. To discover who can make the best hand of five cards, this game also offers the possibility to share cards. So you can play strategically for a better hand.
    Playing Swap the Flop online is easy. The game is played with one pile consisting of 52 playing cards. As a player you start by placing a swap bet. Additionally, you can place side bets, the bonus bet. That is not mandatory. The same as with blackjack you receive 2 cards. That also applies to the dealer. After that three cards are dealt. You then have two options, namely play or swap. You can probably guess where the name 'swap' comes from.

    If you decide to swap, then no more bets can be placed. Also the last two cards are dealt at that time. There are currently five open cards on the table. It is then determined who has the best hand using the open cards and the two cards the dealer and the player have in their hand. Swap the Flop has a theoretical payout percentage of 97.97%. Your bet is distributed 25% as an ante and 75% as a bet. Play this game at Loyal Casino. Here you are sure to enjoy a pleasant playing environment.
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