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Responsible Gaming

Playing in a casino is a form of entertainment enjoyed by millions of people. However, it is possible to become obsessed by a game. Although only one percent of players will be confronted by that problem, Loyal Casino feels it is important to devote attention to gaming addiction and how to prevent it.

Playing responsibly

Loyal Casino fully supports playing responsibly. That is why we have taken a number of measures that allow us to offer entertainment in a responsible manner:
  • The software used by Loyal Casino has built-in mechanisms that detect problem behaviour.
  • When in doubt about a player's identity, Loyal Casino will ask for ID.
  • Loyal Casino trains its staff in recognising compulsive behaviour or minors playing, and in taking suitable measures when they have identified compulsive behaviour or minors playing.
  • At Loyal Casinoa player can set his own limits to the maximum amount he wants to bet in a certain period. This can be done through the My account section.
  • Loyal Casino gives players the opportunity to have the account (temporarily) blocked. So if you find it difficult to keep yourself in check, Loyal Casino can help you and block your account. This can be done under 'Player info'. Then select 'Prevention'.

Player guidelines

In order to make sure your visit to Loyal Casino is a pleasant one, we recommend you to be aware of the following guidelines:
  • Make sure that the decision to play is yours and yours only.
  • Before you start playing, set a budget that is acceptable to you.
  • Never play when you are younger than the statutory age of 18.
  • Never use a computer that can only be used for business purposes.
  • When recovering from an addiction or dependence.
  • When you are intoxicated by alcohol or other substances.
  • When you are trying to win back money you have lost.

In other words, make sure that you can impose restrictions on yourself and know when to stop. Like so many other things: Enjoy, but play responsible!

Protection against underage players

In order to be able to play at Loyal Casino, you must be at least 18 years old. If minors have access to a computer, we recommend:
  • You use a password-protected screensaver.
  • You keep your username and password for Loyal Casino and credit card(s) out of their reach.
  • You do not leave them unattended with your computed once you have started up Loyal Casino.
Although Loyal Casino tries to discourage minors from playing at the casino and tries to trace them, some of them may escape our attention. If you know someone who has registered with Loyal Casino and is under the age of 18, please contact Loyal Casino by sending an email to: support@loyalcasino.com. Click here to do a self assesment test.