Reality check

Through the reality check you will be kept informed about your gaming behaviour. The pop-up is automatically enabled for you, so that every 60 minutes a pop up will appear in your screen with relevant information. If you wish to receive these messages, then select the option that is shown at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Deposit limit

The budget limiting tool is calculated on the net amount in your account. For example if you set a €500 limit and withdraw €2500, then you will be able to deposit €3000 in total. This means that the deposit limit protects you from spending beyond your set limit exclusive of any winnings.

Responsible gaming

Loyal Casino offers you the possibility to block your account if you have been playing for too long and/or have an urge to play dome more.

Once your account has been blocked, it can’t be re-opened until the period is over.

Determine your reason on the right hand side and select the period.