Multi Game Play

    Play more than one game at the same time!

    Multi Game Play

    Play at one of the tables of our provider Evolution to start your multi game play of 2 or more games at the same time!

    We wish you double or more fun which also means double or more winnings!

    The Loyal Live Casino Team

    This is how it works:

    1. Log in with your account
    2. Go to Live Casino
    3. Open any of the following games: Loyal Live Roulette, Loyal Live Blackjack 1, Loyal Live Blackjack 2 or Loyal VIP Blackjack.
    4. Click on 'live games' at the bottom of your screen, without closing the first game
    5. Hover over the table of your choice, a '+' icon will appear
    6. Click on the '+' icon to select the other table
    7. Now, both tables will be shown and you can place your bets!